Associate Companies

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Fenix Earth Inc.

Fenix Earth holds the intellectual property rights to the Fenix product range of hydrodynamic steam traps. PES has the manufacturing and distribution rights for the Fenix Traps for Mexico and all of Latin America.

Combustion and Energy Ltd (C&E;)

C&E; is a Canadian company who specialize in the supply of condensing heat recovery technology normally applied to recover the large energy losses from industrial boiler chimneys. The low grade heat (hot water) is used to displace high grade heat (steam).

PES has the distribution rights for the Condex products for Mexico.


Ecovis is the manufacturer of PES HRSG units. The equipment is designed and certified to ASME standards.

As well as the HRSG units, PES is able to provide a full boiler house including de-aerators and economizers.

Enerquin Air Ltd

PES is a specialist in steam and condensate systems for paper machines and Enerquin complements PES expertise with their experience in air systems. Working together, Enerquin and PES are able to supply the most efficient and effective dryer systems for paper and tissue machines.