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Rebuild of steam and condensate improves machine flexibility and efficiency

jul 2012 06 11:54:57

Client: Smurfit Kappa Cerro Gordo

Smurfit Kappa Carton y Papel de Mexico is known as one of most successful packing board producers in Mexico and is part of the international Smurfit Kappa group. They provide innovative packaging solutions, excellent customer service and always remain flexible and at the forefront of changing demands creating tangible value for its clients.

There were two main factors driving the im-plementation of the project: a requirement for improving the flexibility of the machine and a desire to reduce the energy steam consumption.

The machine has 110 cylinders and with the previous cascade steam system it wasn't possible to lower the pressure in the main group without flooding the wet end cylinders. The machine therefore couldn't successfully produce lighter grades that the market was demanding.

The Solution:
PES designed a system with a small cascade section at the wet end the remainder of the steam groups operating with thermocompres-sors. The steam groups were fitted with new siphons correctly sized to match the condensing load and velocity flow control to remove the condensate.

To improve the energy efficiency the direct fired gas heater for the PV air was replaced with heat recovery coils using flash steam and condensate from the steam system.

The Process:
PES worked with the client to provide a solution that would give the required benefits but still meet with the usual capital budget constraints. PES provided a quote for the necessary equipment and engineering design that would resolve many of the machine issues. PES then worked closely with the client's engineers to implement the project and verify the results.

Why PES?
We had previously implemented a smaller project on the same machine which had worked successfully.

PES Resources
PES has many years of experience designing and implementing steam and condensate system projects. PES has access to inhouse computer modeling that allows the existing system to be accurately modeled and from this provide the basis for calculate the performance the future changes will provide.

The Results:
The system was able to produce lighter grades which were required to meet the market demand and as such increased the profitability of the machine.

The use of 'waste heat' from the steam system to replace the direct fired gas saved a huge quan-tity of energy and provided and excellent payback for the project.