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Conversion from low speed stationary siphons to rotary siphons

jul 2012 06 10:29:45

Client: Celfimex, Apizaco

Celfimex are a major producer of paper products in the Mexican market. The product range includes Kraft paper, packaging and paper towels. They are continually looking to improve the production processes to improve their profitability and increase their market penetration.

The objective was to increase the drying ca-pacity of the PM4 ma-chine. The previous rebuild of the steam system had provided significant benefits but there was still problems with numerous dryers being isolated due siphon problems.
The objective was to have sufficient drying capacity to allow the mill to use the machines size press without losing production.

The original low speed stationary siphons (bent tube type) were prone to breaking by the rim-ming condensate. It was a constant battle to keep dryers in service.

The Solution:
PES proposed to change the original low speed stationary siphons with a rotary siphon of PES origins. As well as providing new siphons PES also supplied new rotary joints from Deublin suitable for rotary siphons.

The PES Siphon
The PES siphon is designed with a forward facing shoe that acts as a me-chanical scoop for low speed conditions. The siphon riser is fabricated from stainless steel and has a curved design to aid condensate removal at low speeds. The shoe is de-signed to minimize the con-densate layer thickness in rimming conditions.

Why PES?
We had previously rebuild the steam and condensate system on PM4 which had been a great success.

PES Resources
PES has many years of experience designing and developing steam systems and components. PES were able to utilize this experience to design an ideal siphon for low/medium speed operation.

The Results:
The installation of the siphons and rotary joints. After installing of the siphons there was sufficient excess capacity to use the machine's size press. The use of the size press significantly reduced the production costs.