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Rebuild of steam and condensate improves machine performance and profitability

jul 2012 06 11:13:58

Client: Celfimex, Apizaco

Celfimex are a major producer of paper products in the Mexican market. The product range includes Kraft paper, packaging and paper towels. They are continually looking to improve the production processes to improve their profitability and increase their market penetration.

Challenge: Several factors were driving a need to find a solution: a requirement for increased production, reduce out of specification product, reduce steam consump-tion and increase ma-chine runnability.

There was also a specific requirement to im-prove the drying capac-ity such that they could use a previously decommissioned size press.

The original steam and condensate system was poorly designed which resulted in flooded dry-ers, poor moisture con-trol and venting steam to atmosphere.

The Solution:
PES proposed a 2 stage solution, first a rebuild of the steam and condensate system and secondly a retrofit of the dryer siphon and joints.

The Process:
PES worked with the client to provide a solution that would give the required benefits but still meet with the usual capital budget constraints.

PES provided a quote for the necessary equipment and engineering design that would resolve many of the machine is-sues. PES then worked closely with the client’s en-gineers to implement the project and verify the results.

Why PES?
We had previously worked with the client at another plant within the group and provided excellent results.

PES Resources
PES has many years of experience designing and implementing steam and condensate system projects. PES has access to inhouse computer modeling that allows the existing system to be accurately mod-eled and from this pro-vide the basis for calcu-late the performance the future changes will provide.

The Results:
First stage - steam sys-tem rebuild Increased production by 12% Reduced waste by 29% Reduced machine down-time by 6% Improved product quality and reduced customer rejection.