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Dear client,

Progressive Energy Services SA de CV; is responsible for collecting and processing personal data that has been or is to realize that we have implemented mechanism to ensure the safety of your personal data, for this reason we make the following:

    • Privacy Notice

      Based on Articles 15, 16 and any other that can be applied of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by private persons (the law) and their regulations we informed you that PROGRESSIVE ENERGY SERVICES S.A. DE C.V. (“PROGRESSIVE ENERGY”), established in Diagonal 109 A Oriente No. 2255-1 Bo. San Juan C.P. 72595 Puebla, Puebla México and its web page, , is responsible to collect, use and protection of personal data, in compliance with the principles of legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility.

      Our customers provide personal data to PROGRESSIVE ENERGY directly, indirectly, personally or through its affiliates, controlling, co-owners, trade allies, employees or service suppliers, officers, shareholders and who we have or will have business.

      Personal Data are collected through: corporative offices, telephone and/or web site and /or emails, visiting industrial parks and reference from other and may include: (a) name(s) and surnames; (b) email address; (c) phone numbers ( work, home or mobile); (d) work title (e) official ID; (f) work address.

      To get more information from you, we may use cookies, web beacons and/or similar technological elements, such as the following: (a) the type of browser and operating system; (b) internet pages that you visit; (c) links that you follow; (d) IP address; (e) web site that were preview seen by your before you visit ours; (f) recognition of users; (g) detect important information; and (h) measure traffic parameters. These technologies can be disabled by the methods that you can access by following the links below, depending on the type of browser you use:

    • Internet Explorer:
    • Firefox:
    • Opera:
    • Safari IPAD:
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    • Chrome:;=95647
  • The primary purpose applicable to the Personal Data (the “Primary Purpose”) will be: (a) identify you as a customer or legal representative; (b) documents, contracts, agreements, invoices, receipts and paperwork related to the relationship; (c) storage; and (d) comply with terms and conditions that we have established with you.

    The second purpose apply to Personal Data (the “Second purpose”) will be: statistical, marketing and prospecting.

    The confidentiality of Personal Data is guaranteed and protected by the same security measures administrative, technical and /or physical to avoid damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or unauthorized disclosure, for example Personal Data is keep in a internal data base which administration is through password that changes constantly and it access is restricted only to authorized persons.

    You have the right to the access, rectify and cancel the use of your Personal Data, to object to their treatment or withdraw your consent (“ARCO rights”). To do so, is necessary you or your legal representative submit a written request to use the ARCO Rights addressed to the customers service area of PROGRESSIVE ENERGY, responsible of the protection of Personal Data, located at the address indicated above, or write an email to [ ] (“Application”); in both options must received acknowledgment from PROGRESSIVE ENERGY so can be linked. That Application should contain the following information: (a) your name and surname and from your legal representative if applicable; (b) e-mail address to received notifications; (c) ID copy with photo or is applicable, the legal representative of the person that is doing the Application in your name; (d) representation existence by public instrument or proxy letter signed by you and with two witnesses, (e) clear and precise description of the Personal Data in which you can use the ARCO Rights; (f) any item or document that help to located your Personal Data; (g) Application signed by you or your legal representative.

    In case to request the right of (a) rectification, should indicate the changes to perform and provide the proper paperwork to prove and backup to the petition; (b) Access; so, PROGRESSIVE ENERGY will give the Personal Data trough email and/or PROGRESSIVE ENERGY corporative offices.

    In maximum of 20 labor days from the acknowledgment of receipt of the request, must comply with the request and informed about the origin of the same by notice send to the email provided to receive the notification. In case your request is approve, PROGRESSIVE ENERGY should do effective your request in the next 15 labor days, counting from the day your request is received by email.

    In addition, the procedure for exercising the right ARCO and revocation of consent, PROGRESSIVE ENERGY has enabled an “Exclusion list” that allows us to limit the use and disclosure of Personal Data, in case you demand us that. Your should send us the request that you want to be excluded, which needs to included (a) name (s) and surnames; (b) email address to replay your request, which need to be directed to the customer service department PROGRESSIVE ENERGY the following email and must receive acknowledgment for PROGRESSIVE ENERGY becomes bound to respect. The acknowledgment includes registration record «Exclusion List». All documentation should be sending in PDF format, clear and completed so PROGRESSIVE ENERGY can attend your request.

    If you considered that your protection right has been injured by PROGRESSIVE ENERGY or you think that the treatment of your Personal Data exist some violation in a certain way different that the law permit, you can put your claim at Federal Institute of Access to the information and Data Protection, IFAI (, within 15 days from the date you receive the response from PROGRESSIVE ENERGY or from the closing date of 20 days from the date of acknowledgement of receipt of the request to exercise the rights.

    Progressive Energy is a company dedicated to the implementation of projects related to energy savings and the sale of steam traps Hydrodynamic aimed directly related to energy savings. Consequently, Personal Data may be transferred to subsidiary companies, partner, affiliates, controllers, business allies, assigned staff, officers, shareholders and with whom we have common business or within national territory or abroad, for the same purpose cited, in special to the implementation of projects related to energy saving and the sale of steam traps Hydrodynamic aimed directly related to energy saving. It may also be transmitted to people who are mentioned below: legal advisors, accounting and / or tax, and any others that are necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we contacted.

    Important: Any changes to this Privacy Notice you will be notified in our web site:, on the home page, in the “About PES”; without having to communicate such changes to you individually.

    Last update: March 6th, 2013 / Personal Data Protection.

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